Grodan’s Stone Wool Substrate

As a commercial hydroponic grower, it is important to be able to promote the production of high quality vegetables, grown in a clean and sustainable environment.  Produced from pure basalt rock, Grodan’s Stone Wool Substrate (also commonly known as Rockwool) is of the highest of grades, promoting uniform wetting and providing excellent drainage. Grodan’s proprietary binder and wetting agent insure more uniform water dispersion and water holding, which leads to better root development throughout the entire substrate. Control of water and nutrients is very important to commercial growers to achieve maximum yields.  Take control with Grodan Substrates today!

  • Easy to use – 100% recyclable
  • Contains no contaminants
  • Sustainable and environmentally-friendly
  • Saves water and nutrients
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Grodan provides precision growing with a substrate that is inert and will not bind nutrients inhibiting a uniform crop development and a primary focus on the root zone. Further, steer-ability (controlling water content and electrical conductivity), irrigation efficiency and production optimization are all pillars of Grodan substrates.  

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