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Voices of Horticulture: Dr. Gioia Massa, NASA

Gioia Massa NASA lettuce



Gioia Massa and Veggie

Dr. Gioia Massa, “Veggie” Scientist at the Kennedy Space Station, NASA

“NASA’s Veggie and Space Kids”

Dr. Gioia Massa is a plant scientist in NASA’s Veggie program which aims to grow plants in the International Space Station (ISS). Gioia is a Future Farmers of America (FFA) alumni and has grown her early love for plants to a career that is now helping us explore space and preparing humans for space travel. Her professional talks are captivating, inspirational, mind-boggling and always end up giving me goosebumps. She talks with me briefly about NASA’s “Veggie” program on the ISS and how kids on earth are being inspired to reach for the stars.



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