Kimitec Amifort 5-0-0




Amifort is an organic liquid fertilizer containing 15 simple/free L-amino acids (26%) that are taken up by the plants, broken down into essential nutrients, and used as energy. Used as a nitrogen amendment.

Crops: Fruits, vegetables, field crops, cereals, cotton, citrus, fruit trees, grapes, olives, ornamentals, corn and nursery plants

Derived from: Double hydrolyzed barley, wheat, corn, and sugar beet

Delivery: Foliar spray, injector system, hydroponics, and drip irrigation

Substrates: Hydroponics, Riococo coir, Grodan, perlite, peat based soilless mixes, native soil

Drip irrigation: 2 to 5 pints per acre. Surface irrigation: 3 to 7 pints per acre.


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