30MHz Monitoring Data Platform

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30MHz provides agribusinesses with everything they need to start monitoring their crops and growing environment accurately and in real-time, with just minutes of setup. Make the best decisions for your crops with interactive heat maps, charts, custom calculations, alerts and shareable widgets keeping track of all your metrics in one central, easy to use platform that’s accessible on any device. Use real-time crop-level data to drive yields, reduce losses, optimize irrigation, improve storage, prevent disease risk, and reduce energy.

The data platform for your crops: 30MHZ ZENSIE THE DASHBOARD

An easy to use and customizable dashboard that you can access on any device with real time alerts and deep analytics. Accessible on any device, ZENSIE starts generating powerful insights and visualizations from wireless sensors moments after setup.

  • Customize your branding: Upload logos, change colors, adjust the look and feel of your dashboards and groups and create pre-set themes for your team
  • Set up notes, notifications add pictures or ask question to colleagues in a platform where data is easily shared and exported.
  • Gauge your sensor values
  • Visualize and compare your data in charts
  • Use ZENZIE to do calculations that deliver new metrics
  • Generate live-animated, color-coded heat maps
  • And more…

Capture the metrics you need to make a difference in your agribusiness. Our customers use crop-level data to drive yields, reduce losses, optimise irrigation, improve storage, prevent disease risk, and reduce energy. Know what your crops need by monitoring metrics including: VPD, dewpoint, moisture deficit, EC, VWC, temperature, light intensity, relative humidity and CO2.

PDF: HortAmericas-30mhz-flyer


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