Dramm MSO – Heavy Duty Sprayer


Item Number: 70620


The Dramm Heavy-Duty sprayer is powerful and compact- designed for every type of chemical application. Model MSO is a hydraulic sprayer with fully adjustable pressures, making it a highly flexible tool for the application of pesticides, fungicides, wetting agents, cleaning solutions and disinfectants. By simply twisting the spray gun knob you can adjust the pressure from a stream that throws up to 20 feet to an eight foot diameter mist.


  • Fully adjustable pressure, up to 500PSI
  • Adjustable spray pattern & output rates
  • 33′ Discharge hose
  • Optional cart
  • Solid bronze pump construction with oiless bearings
  • Durable metal housing
  • 120V AC

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Dramm MSO Brochure