Beekenkamp Mother Plant Trough 12 Liter


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Beekenkamp item number: 7277
Length: 358 mm / 14.1 in
Width: 318 mm / 12.5 in
Height: 150 mm / 5.9 in
Weight: 0.45 kg / 15.8 oz

Growers asked us about the possibility of adjusting the standard dimension of the mother plant trough (320-360 mm). In close consultation we identified the requirements and the possible solution options. As a result, the height of the trough was adjusted (150 mm). This is 20 mm lower than the existing troughs. Experience has shown that it was not possible to completely fill the existing troughs, which is why the substrate height was reduced. The smaller volume makes it much easier to control growth and this makes it possible to save on substrate, fertilizers and labour. When the troughs are steamed (disinfected) after cultivation, the troughs achieve the desired temperature more quickly, which results in further cost savings.

The thickness of the walls is at least equal to or thicker than the existing troughs in order to guarantee a long service life. The robust turned edge has been lowered somewhat, which allows more troughs to be placed on a pallet and therefore in a container. This reduces the transport costs per trough.

The bottom of the trough has been adjusted so that the trough can be fixed to a drain gutter lengthwise as well as widthwise. This makes it possible to capture 100% of the drain water. The bottom and drain openings have been modified so that the water drains evenly towards all sides. This produces a more uniform root climate in the trough.

The new mother plant trough is made of sustainable PP. The use of PP material ensures that the troughs are dimensionally very stable and that they can be cleaned at high temperatures.