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“Plantlogic´s Innovative Solution for Vegetables”

Plantlogic is focused on designing solutions for substrate production that will increase the health  of plants and enable our growers to adequately fertigate their crops. With these goals in mind, Plantlogic presents its newest, innovative product for hydroponic production of vegetables. The “Kratos” is aimed at offering low to mid-tech vegetable growers substantial cost purchase cost savings, reducing labor cost and improving root health.

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Kratos, with its unique and cutting-edge design, channels all drainage water into a narrow gutter below the center of the spacer. The open space between the slab and the gutter provides aeration and prevents the roots from growing out of the slab and coming into contact with drainage water.

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Advantages of using Kratos

  • Better drainage 

V-shape improves drainage from slab by reducing saturated zone.

  • Easy to use 

Quick and simple installation. Easy to wash and disinfect.

  • Stackable 

Reduce transportation costs by increasing packing efficiency.

  • Clean 

Narrow gutter keeps ground free of water by containing all drainage below the slab, avoiding the dirt buildup and algae formation common in wide gutters. No concern of fruit touching dirty, wide gutter. 

  • Airflow and oxygenation 

Keeps roots off the ground and out of the gutter, preventing contact with pathogens.

  • Cost effective 

More economical than wide gutter.

  • Durable 

UV stabilized plastic is inexpensive and durable.


Plantlogic is committed to reducing the negative impact that substrate production runoff can have on the environment. Substrate production can produce great quality and yields of vegetables, but the run-off of irrigation water can also cause harm to the natural environment. Our drainage collection systems addresses this problem by collecting 100% of drained fertigation. 



Width: 8.72 in (222 mm)

Height: 3.95 in (100 mm)

Length: 29.96 in (761 mm)