TomSystem Belt for Clipping System


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TomSystem is an innovative electronic clipping system for securing plants to their support twine with galvanized metal staples.

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  • Reduces manpower required
  • Easy to use
  • Compostable
  • Prevents damage to the plant
  • Reduced transport and storage costs
  • Low recycling costs
  • Prevents stem breakage

The TomSystem replaces traditional crop-supporting methods. Besides the sustainability benefits, the process also lowers the labor cost per hectare, providing the grower a significant net economic gain.

Clipping speed with the TomSystem averages around 2,000 plants per hour, two times faster than with conventional methods. Additionally, the clipping tool closes in five positions, allowing for adjustments based on crop thickness and weight.

Agrifast specializes in design, production and commercialization of fastening systems for viticulture and the horticultural industry. The company develops products designed to reduce labor costs without penalizing tying quality. Agrifast always identifies niche markets needing to reduce the influence of labor costs in overall product costs. Learn more about the TomSystem at