Arize® Element L2000 – Broad Spectrum Greenhouse Toplight LED Fixture and Driver


Item Number: 32002 – Pink Reproductive Spectrum


The ultimate in LED grow lighting, Arize Element L2000 is a powerful LED top lighting solution for year-round productivity in greenhouses and indoor farms.

Features & Benefits

  • Our most powerful replacement for 1000W HPS fixtures
  • Available in varied broad pink spectrums
  • High performance: PPF of up to 3300 µmol/s
  • Superior uniformity: our unique XW Optic reduces fixture count by up to 15%
  • Onboard power supply for quicker installation
  • Assembled with pride in Hendersonville, NC, USA



Family Spectra: PKR, PKB, PKT
Voltage Offering: 277-480V, 380-415V
Mounting Options: Unistrut bracket
Light Output Range: 2140 – 3300 (μmol/s)
Wattage Range: 606 – 1041 W
Color Offering: Broad Spectrum – Pink

Optics & Distributions: XW Optic
Certifications: cULus, CE, UKCA

Ratings: Wet
Lumen Maintenance Rating: Q90 @ 36,000 hours
Warranty: 5 year limited warranty


The go-to solution for light-loving crops, the Arize Element L2000 puts out a maximum PPF of 3300 μmol/s, an 83% increase compared to legacy 1000W HPS fixtures. With an optical design that surpasses legacy HPS light distribution, cultivators can produce top quality harvests in all seasons using up to 20% fewer fixtures.

Designing in Reliability

The design of Arize Element LED fixtures has been refined over our many years serving commercial cultivators worldwide. Assembled with pride at our Hendersonville, NC factory, Arize Element L2000 fixtures are passively cooled with state-of-the-art heat sinks for a longer lifespan and PAR maintenance. IP66 rating gives peace of mind when using in humid and wet environments, while the sloping heat sink design minimizes build-up of dust and debris on the fixture, easing maintenance overheads and reducing labor costs.

Modular Design

The Element L2000 features a modular design, which allows growers more flexibility, from customizable spectrums, to replacement of end-of-life light bars. We’ve integrated the power supply into the fixture design, reducing installation time. With 0-10V dimming as a standard feature, growers can tailor light levels to their needs, maximizing crop performance or energy efficiency.