Hort Americas sponsors Indoor Agriculture Conference

The 2nd Annual Indoor Agriculture Conference will take
place May 14-15, 2014, at the Springs Preserve in Las Vegas. The conference
will bring together farmers, entrepreneurs, suppliers, technology geeks,
investors, researchers and policy makers to discuss the status and future of
hydroponic, aeroponic and aquaponic farming.

Sponsored by Hort Americas, the conference highlights the
accelerating greenhouse, container and vertical farming trends that are gaining
ground in urban centers and inclement environment locations worldwide.
Indoor agriculture is changing the farming paradigm. Increased
technology and adaptation of hydroponics and aeroponics are enabling indoor
agriculture to conserve land, water, energy and distribution costs. The reliability of indoor agriculture becomes even more
important when compared with the expense and uncertainty of outdoor
agriculture, which can be disrupted by weather or supply chain problems. Growing indoors also promises higher levels of food safety, as fresher produce
grown using few to no pesticides is transported shorter distances allowing for the
reduction in contamination during production and distribution.
Keynote presentations will focus on the state of the
hydroponics industry. Panel discussions will address the future of indoor
agriculture, types and sizes of operations, technology, sourcing and
distribution, regulations/policy and funding. On the second day, case studies will
examine in-depth, real-world examples of the logistics of starting, sustaining
and growing indoor agriculture operations.

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