Short Course: Greenhouse Management (On-demand digital files)


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Learn all the important aspects of managing a greenhouse.

Instructor: M.S. Karla Garcia
– Hort Americas Technical Service
– Master in Plant Sciences from The University of Arizona
– Recognition by ISHS in strawberry hydroponic research
– Editor: Book Roadmap to Growing Leafy Greens and Herbs
– CEO at Microgreens FLN

This product is a digital download of the class. NOT a LIVE class.

Course Content

  • Advantages of greenhouse management
  • Energy balance inside of the greenhouse
  • Light
    a) Solar radiation – Use of Shade cloth / Alternative products
    b) Supplemental lighting
    c) How to improve net photosynthetic rate by greenhouse management
  • Wind
    a) Fans/ Air circulation – Role in photosynthesis, Nutrient uptake, and temperature
  • Humidity
    a) Plant transpiration – Role in nutrient uptake
    b) Role in temperature regulation and plant health
  • Temperature
    a) Effect in plant metabolism
    b) How plants respond to temperature?
    c) Treatments to improve plant development
  • CO2
  • Nutrients
    a) Nutrient function and uptake
  • Rootzone management


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