Berg Meto Spray Robot

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The Berg Meto Spray Robot is used for automatic spraying of greenhouse crops. The Meto  Spray Robot reduces labor an exposure to pesticides. Automatic path to path transportation with  the Berg Metro Transportation Cart.

The trolley’s operating panel is compact with an organized lay-out and touch controls.

The latest spray technological developments have been incorporated into the Meto. It provides extensive and uniform crop coverage.

The Meto can spray in both forward and reverse motion at variable speed settings. It also caters to sub-section spraying requirements, e.g. the last 66 feet of a path. The unit is equipped with a double spray boom allowing for supplementary spraying of specific locations. A stainless steel boom sprays the crops on both sides of the path. The other boom sprays forward onto the gable where most infection habitually originates.

The Meto is supplied with a hose reel and guide rail, eliminating hose pulling and dragging and limiting wear and tear effects. The Meto can be used on a wide range of crops including cucumbers, tomatoes, gerberas, roses, carnations and pot plants.

Technical Specifications                                      

Length: 170 cm

Width: 52 cm

Height (excluding spray boom): 175 cm

Max speed: 70 m/min

1/2” Hose Reel: 95 m


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