Bato square pots



Bato square pots

1.8 L Bato Square Pot, 40117
• Soft fruits such as raspberries
• Four feet keep roots inside
• Drain holes on bottom & sides.

3.2 L Bato Square Pot
• Great for many plants
• Up to 49 pots/m2
• 2 drain holes for optimum air & drainage

4.7 L Bato Square Pot
• Strawberries & citrus (PDF: Growing Hydroponic Strawberries)
• 4, 8, or 12 drain holes
• Grid bottom option

6.5 L Bato Square Pot
• Medium sized plants
• With bottom and/or side outlets
• Up to 25 pots/m2.

12 L Bato Square Pot, 40107
• Ornamentals
• Up to 16 pots/m2
• Eight holes (4 side & 4 bottom)

18 L Bato Square Pot
• All kinds of plants
• Sixteen holes for great drainage

25 L Bato Square Pot (flat cross bottom w/drain holes), 40109
The new 25 litre pot offers the optimal volume and dimensions for growing crops including blueberries and means that steering towards perfect results can be optimized even further. The pots are easy to move so adapting the number of plants per m2 is quick and simple. The excellent drainage properties minimizes substrate settling which results in higher yields per m2 and better fruit quality. There are two versions of the pot available: one with a flat base and cross-bottom and one with a grid base. The study 25 mm legs of the grid-base version prevent contact between the roots and the soil and thereby reduce the risk of disease. The version with the flat cross-bottom reduces the risk of the roots freezing. The high quality materials make these pots suitable for years of use.

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