Arize® Integral Intracanopy LED Lighting System


Item Number: 31080 

REQUIRED ITEM: 31119 -Arize Integral Leader Cable – SOLD SEPARATELY

  • Ideal use location: Greenhouse or indoor farm
  • Crops: Vine crops, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant
  • Coverage area: 7’9″ long, single or double layer between crops. 120 deg beam angle
  • Spectrum: PPR
  • Voltage: 120-277VAC, 277-480VAC
  • Wattage: 99W, 94W


Intracanopy LED lighting system

Proven to substantially increase high-wire crop yield, including tomatoes, peppers & cucumbers, with best-in-class efficacy of 3.5 μmol/J

Required – Arize Integral 6.5m Leader Cable Accessory Sold Separately

Arize® Integral Light Leader Cable Accessory 6.5m

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Features & Benefits

  • Proven to increase plant growth, fruit ripening speed and yields
  • Best-in-class efficiency of 3.5 μmol/J
  • PPF up to 346 µmol/s using just 99W
  • Daisy-chainable—up to 165 fixtures
  • Bidirectional 120° beam angle precisely targets light dispersion
  • Installs within the canopy to supplement top lighting
  • IP66 and Wet Location rated


  • Family Spectra: PPR
  • Family Modules/Configurations: 7′ 9”
  • Voltage Offering: 120-277V, 277-480V
  • Mounting Options: Suspended
  • Light Output Range: 340 – 346 (μmol/s)
  • Wattage Range: 94 – 99W
  • Color Offering: Purple
  • Optics & Distributions: Bidirectional 120°
  • Certifications: cULus, CE
  • Ratings: IP66, Wet
  • Operating Temp: 0 to 40 °C
  • Lumen Maintenance Rating: L90 @ 54,000 hours
  • Warranty: 5 year limited warranty

Boost Yields

Adding supplemental LED lighting within the canopy of high wire crops is proven to encourage plant growth, accelerate fruit ripening speed and substantially increase yield. The Integral features a bidirectional 120° beam angle, immersing lower leaves on both sides of the fixture in light, and best-in-class efficacy of 3.5 μmol/J, for more sustainable growth.

Easy and Flexible Installation

Installation is straightforward and cost-effective: Choose from a single- or double-layer installation, and simply hang the fixtures within the canopy. Up to 165 Integral fixtures can be daisy-chained together, further reducing installation time and labor.

Engineered for the Field

Arize Integral is IP66 and Wet Location rated, meaning it remains safe, efficacious and reliable even in humid and wet environments. Protected by our standard five-year warranty and greater than 54,000 hour (L90) lifetime, this state-of-the-art intra-canopy lighting fixture is the basis of consistent high yields for years to come.


Choosing a Spectrum

Fixtures and spectrum recommended for common horticulture crops

Crop Stage Spectrum
Leafy greens Germination/ Propagation PPB or PKB as Blue promotes root creation. If you want to maximize your electrical efficacy (µmol/j), your choice is PPB. PKB will be more comfortable to the workers' eyes.
Leafy greens Reproductive PPR or PKR as red promotes biomass and flowering. If you want to maximize your electrical efficacy (µmol/j), your choice is PPB. PKB will be more comfortable to the workers' eyes.
Cannabis Propagation PPB or PKB because more Blue tends to keep the crop in a vegetative state and shorter in size. 
Cannabis Flowering PKR because cannabis secondary metabolite seems to be stimulated by the green portion of light while the low blue to red ratio seems to promote flowering in biomass development.
Ornamentals/ Flowers PPB or PKB will work well and allow growers to reduce plant growth regulators.
Microgreens Any spectrum will work, but high blue will keep the seedlings from stretching.  
Strawberry  PKR is very safe for all berry crops.  Intensity will be most important.
Vine crops/ Supplemental lighting PPR for supplemental lighting in the greenhouse. Academic studies (University of Arizona & Michigan) tend to agree that the best spectrum for greenhouse lighting is the most efficient one in efficacy thus higher micromols/joule should be considered. Tomatoes: PPR - Bell Peppers: PKB (Harrow research center) - Cucumber should be PKR.  If in doubt choose PKR.  It will work in every situation.


Mounting accessories:
  • Suspension cable, 6.7 m/22 ft, adjustable end loop, hook, wire form, 138 mm/5.43″, hook, wire form, 238 mm/9.37″, bracket, wire form, 58 mm/2.2 in diameter