Arize® LED Tubes + Driver

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LED replacement tubes for fluorescent lights that are found in tissue culture laboratories or growth chambers. This LED tube provides all the LED advantages of longer life, energy savings and lower maintenance when compared to typical fluorescent lights.


UL Type C LED Tubes

Tissue Culture Laboratories and Growth Chambers

The Arize®Arize® LED tubes are a one-to-one replacement for linear fluorescent lighting (LFL) systems found in tissue culture laboratories or growth chambers. Compared to LFL, our tubes offer a precisely targeted spectrum, an extended lifespan, greatly reduced maintenance
and are up to 87% more efficient.

Features of Arize® LED Tubes

  • Up to 87% more efficient than LFL systems
  • End cap rotates for targeted light dispersion
  • Shatter resistant, preventing breakage-related downtime
  • Contains no mercury or other hazardous chemicals
  • Low light intensity for tissue culture applications
  • 36,000 hour L90 per TM-21
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • UL damp rated

Arize LED Tubes Spec Sheet



Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Lynk Varieties

4 ft. – GEHL48HPKB1, 4 ft. – GEHL48HPKR1, 4 ft. – GEHL48HPPB1, 4 ft. – GEHL48HPPR1, 4 ft. – GEHL48HPPV1, 4 ft. – GEHL48HWHR1, 4 ft. – GEHL48HWTB1, 8 ft. – GEHL96HPPB1, 8 ft. – GEHL96HPPV1, 8ft. GEHL96HPPR1

Which driver do I need?

SKU Description Loading (tubes per driver)
GEPS24-100U-NA 24VDC/100W LED Driver 4 - 8
93027034 24VDC/60W LED Driver 2 -5
GEPS24-25U-NA 24VDC/25W LED Driver 1 - 2
79045 24VDC/80W LED Driver with Dimming 4 - 6


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