Philips Greenpower LED Production Module





Gen 1



279810Philips GreenPower LED Production Module Deep Red/ Blue 150 110v
279828Philips GreenPower LED Production Module Deep Red/ Blue 120 110v
279844Philips GreenPower LED Production Module Deep Red/ White 150 110v
279869Philips GreenPower LED Production Module Deep Red/ White 120 110v
9290 008 67803GreenPower LED Production Module Deep Red / Blue / Far Red 120 110v
9290 008 67703GreenPower LED Production Module Deep Red / Blue / Far Red 150 110v
9290 004 87803GP Mounting bracket production module


Gen 2



9290 009 08806

GP LED production DR/B 120 LB  

9290 009 08906GP LED production DR/B 150 LB
9290 009 09106GP LED production DR/B/FR 120 LB
9290 009 09206GP LED production DR/B/FR 150 LB
9290 009 10106GP LED production DR/B/FR_2 120 MB
9290 009 09306GP LED production DR/B/FR_2 150 MB
9290 009 09506GP LED production DR/W 120 LB
9290 009 09606GP LED production DR/W 150 LB
9290 009 09706GP LED production DR/W/FR 120 LB
9290 009 10306GP LED production DR/W/FR 150 LB
9290 009 70106Greenpower LED Production Module Female Connector


Philips GreenPower Production Modules are for multilayer/ vertical plant production and growth chambers. These
modules radiate very little heat toward the plants. The lights can then be placed closer to the crop which allows you
to utilize your space more efficiently without the need for additional cooling. They also ensure uniform light distribution giving every plant the same level and quality of light throughout the crop, while reducing energy consumption up to 60% compared to conventional fluorescent lighting. The modules are waterproof and easy to install. Production modules are the perfect grow light for: seed germination, young plant production, multi-layer production of leafy greens and herbs, city farming, vertical farming, trials and research. Available in either 120cm or 150cm lengths.

PDF: Production Module Leaflet

PDF: Quick Installation Guide: Philips GreenPower LED module

PDF: Philips Lighting Capital enables us to use state-of-the-art Lighting

PDF: Philips Greenpower lighting overview

Additional information

Production Modules

DeepRed 120 220v GEN1, DeepRed/Blue 120 220v GEN1, DeepRed/Blue 150 220v GEN1, DeepRed/Blue HB 120 GEN2, DeepRed/Blue/FarRed 120 220v GEN1, DeepRed/Blue/FarRed 150 110v GEN1, DeepRed/Blue/FarRed LB 120 GEN2, DeepRed/Blue/FarRed LB 150 GEN2, DeepRed/White 150 110v GEN1, FarRed 150 220v GEN1

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