Jiffy Growbag



Jiffy Growbag, made of 100% coco substrate at our own RHP production site, comes to you in the form as a dry plate enclosed in a plastic sleeve. After rapid expansion with a water and fertilizer solution these high quality buffered Jiffy Growbags are ready for use. Jiffy Growbags can be used for a broad range of crops as the product can be delivered in different standard sizes, with or without pre-cut planting and drainage holes.

Three kinds of Jiffy Growbags are available, for every purpose the right mixture:

• 100% Husk Chips for the grower who likes to manage the crops tightly

• 5050-mix, the homogenous composition of husk chips and coir pith, our most common type

• High Yield, the growbag most suited for the winter crops.

The Jiffy growbags perform best with a Jiffy Growblock on top, but also do well with any other young plant. Transplanting your plant onto a Jiffy Growbag is a feast: its unbeatable rooting characteristics will guarantee a healthy start! And disposal after usage is no issue at all.

Jiffy Growbags can be reused for another crop, renewed (retail) growing media or as soil improver.


Multipurpose growing system

  • Different sizes available
  • Pre-cut plant and drainage holes optional
  • Rapid expansion

More information

Jiffy Hydroponics Brochure

Jiffy Vertical Farming Brochure

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Growbag Type

Jiffy Finesse Growbag, 30/70, 100x15x10cm, Jiffy Finesse Growbag, 50/50, 100x15x10cm, Jiffy Finesse Growbag, 70/30, 100x15x10cm, Jiffy Premium GrowBag, 30/70, 100x15x12cm, Jiffy Premium GrowBag, 30/70, 100x20x10cm