Jiffy-J7 Organic Peat Pellet


Item Number: 10610 – Organic Peat Pellet 23×45 11mm Indent in 162ct Tray (16 Trays/Case)

Item Number : 10611 – Organic Peat Pellet 30×65 11mm Indent in 105ct Tray (14Trays/Case)

Item Number: 10612 – Organic Peat Pellet 42×43 6mm Indent (1000/Case)


J7O is a ‘container and media in one’ concept brought to the organic market.  J7O pellets can be used in Raft hydroponic system, NFT operations, or any system requiring a “plug& play” format.

It is a food grade substrate (which is heat treated) contained within a netting to eliminate loose substrate (always forms a plug protecting the root system) from re-circulating water systems.  Available in a variety of sizes (dry diameters ranging from 23mm to 70 mm) to fit any system, the J7O is perfect for various organic growing programs.  The J7O pellets are OMRI listed and used worldwide for a variety of microgreens, lettuce, herbs and other food products.

Pellets can be purchased in bulk, loaded in plastic inserts for multiple pellet handling for 1020 webflats or other carrying trays, stand-alone thermoformed trays, or re-usable trays.  The various formats allow for machine or vacuum plate seeding, plus we have seeding templates that aid hand seeding nicely.  If Jiffy does not have the correct size of pellet for diameter or height, custom made pellets can be manufactured for minimum quantities.

J7O pellets presently are the only container & media in one product that are organic in North America.

Product Features

The Propagation Plug for Organics!

  • ‘Container and media in one’ concept
  • No Soil loss
  • Quick crop turn-around & rotation in the greenhouse

More information

Jiffy Organic brochure