Radish, White Stem Microgreen Seeds – 1 lb. bag

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Heirloom White Stem is widely considered the most popular cultivar of Radish seed for microgreen cultivation. Easy and fast growing, as microgreens they are tender, crisp, flavorful and an excellent choice to make your favorite salad, entree or sandwich pop.

Hardiness: Non-GMO | Open Pollinated White Radish | Annual

Harvest: 7-10 Days to microgreen(approximate).

Potential Yield: 26g of seed(10×20 tray) = 295g(approximate).

Seed Count:  48000(approximate).

Brand: Select Seeds of AZ


LED Lights for Microgreens Experience

Grow Microgreens with The GrowRack

Guide to Growing Microgreens

On-Demand MicroGreens Short Course

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