Grodan Cress Plate (for Microgreens)


Item Number: 10130 – Grodan 10×20 Cress Plate

Item Number: 10131 – Grodan 60×50 Cress Plate *Coming Soon*


The GRODAN Cress Plate is the optimal product for the production of microgreens and in bulk harvested leafy vegetables or culinary herbs in vertical farming set-ups. The thin sheets of GRODAN stone wool are specially developed for those very quick growing crops that need minimal substrate. Using the cress plate will result in an uniform and quick crop development.

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From the blog: Grodan rockwool substrates offer growers more control


• Thinnest GRODAN product on the market

• Uniform water levels through product

• Quick and easy germination

• Even crop development


• 49.5 x 24 x 1 cm  (fits 10/20 tray)

• 60 x 50 x 1 cm *coming soon*


• 10/20 size, 95/box

• 60 x 50 size, 50 sheets/box *coming soon*

What Grodan product is best for you?



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Download the GRODAN Grow Guide:

HortAmericas Grodan Guide

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Cress Plates

Grodan Cress Plate 10×20 (95/case), Grodan Cress Plate 600x500x10 mm (50/case)


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