Horti-Facts Case Study: Ferme Gadbois

Case File Facts


Ferme Gadbois


Saint-Barnabé-Sud, Quebec, Canada




Arize L2000

And there was light…

In the early twilight of January, as the sun quickly retreats behind the horizon, a magical scene unfolds in Saint-Barnabé-Sud: the dimmed lights of the Gadbois greenhouse with its three domes remain valiantly lit, extending the day to nourish the strawberry plants year-round, into the heart of the night, during the months when the sun becomes timid.


After years of meticulous planning, the Gadbois family embarks on winter strawberry cultivation in a greenhouse. Jonathan Gadbois, a graduate in agroeconomics, his sister Véronique, an expert in horticulture, and their younger sister Mélanie, a specialist in business administration, combine their skills to realize this ambition.

The project, matured over four years, finally takes off in June 2023, with financial support from MAPAQ and MERN. The countdown is on as their goal is to obtain the first harvest mid-November. 

With precise management of temperature and sunlight, greenhouse cultivation reduces dependence on meteorological whims and maximizes the potential of each harvest.

For the Gadbois family, this new venture represents much more than just an agricultural project. It’s a story of unwavering determination and a deep commitment to innovation and sustainability.


Their main challenge; profitability. Choosing the right equipment, adopting the most effective techniques, and benefiting from the wise advice of recognized experts in the field are all crucial decisions to make. Every technical choice and every investment must be carefully considered as it will have a direct impact on the economic viability of the project.

Once the foundations are laid, ensuring direct marketing is essential to preserve commercial autonomy and profitability.

The producer must also juggle the imperatives of his regular production. Meeting production deadlines and maintaining high-quality standards require rigorous management and constant attention. Despite the obstacles, every successful harvest is a victory over adversity and an affirmation of strength and resilience.


Ferme Gadbois made an informed decision by opting for LED technology. The choice of LEDs represents much more than just a lighting option: it’s a genuine energy saving approach, guided by a firm belief in the advantages of this cutting-edge technology.

LEDs offer superior energy efficiency, allowing for reduced electricity consumption while ensuring optimal lighting. Compared to older technologies such as HPS lamps, the LED option stands out for its proven reliability.

But the benefits of LEDs don’t stop here. Thanks to their compatibility with artificial intelligence, these innovative luminaires offer optimization possibilities for parameters that are unmatched. Moreover, by carefully choosing the appropriate light spectrum, ideal conditions for strawberry cultivation can be created, ensuring healthy and vigorous plant growth.


For Ferme Gadbois, teaming up with Hort Americas Canada goes beyond a simple commercial transaction: it’s a partnership based on integrity, expertise, and quality.

Jordan Goulet, General Manager of Hort Americas Canada, has earned the trust of the Gadbois family through his knowledge and professionalism in the greenhouse horticulture industry. Among other things, Jordan recommended a specific PKF spectrum based on studies demonstrating its effectiveness for strawberry cultivation. Sharing scientific documentation and having in-depth technical discussions helped precisely define the needs of the greenhouse.

The Arize L2000 was selected for its known reliability and performance. With a lighting intensity of 250 micromoles per square meter per second (μmol/s/m²), Arize L2000 luminaires offer an efficient and energy-saving solution. Their exceptional power reduces the number of fixtures required, resulting in installation savings as well.

To support this innovative initiative, Ferme Gadbois received a generous subsidy of $36,000 from Hydro Quebec, representing just over 40% of the total system cost. This financial support, granted under the Efficient Agricultural Products Program – LED Lighting component, illustrates the authorities’ commitment to sustainable development and innovation in the agricultural sector.

From constant technical support to close collaboration with the electrician during installation, each step of the process has been marked by meticulous attention to the needs and requirements of the Gadbois family. Ultimately, the certification of the quality of this equipment recommended by the farm engineer provided the last vote of confidence needed to seal this bright partnership.


In the world of modern agriculture, success is measured not by promises made but by tangible results obtained in the field. For Ferme Gadbois, the successful collaboration with Hort Americas Canada has been a success story, from the first meeting to the realization of this ambitious goal.

In November 2023, the first fruits of this collaboration were harvested, and the results exceeded expectations. With an impressive production of 10 kg of Albion strawberries per square meter, the Gadbois greenhouse proved it was capable of competing with the best farms in the sector.

These strawberries, beautiful, juicy, and delicious to taste, are just the beginning of a promising adventure for Ferme Gadbois. Thanks to the superior quality of the lighting provided by Hort Americas Canada, each plant was able to reach its full growth potential, offering fruits of exceptional quality.

But beyond impressive results, it’s the total satisfaction of Ferme Gadbois with its lighting supplier that testifies to the added value of this collaboration. Jordan Goulet and his team have met all the farm’s expectations, offering personalized service and unparalleled expertise at every step of the process.


Since its humble beginnings in Saint-Barnabé-Sud in the 1850’s, Ferme Gadbois represents an ancestral agricultural tradition, passed down from generation to generation with unwavering dedication. Rooted in the heart of the municipality since its inception, it embodies a family legacy that has been perpetuated for five generations, with now the sixth generation investing with passion.

The farm’s history is as rich as the fertile soils that gave birth to it. Since the 1940s, Wilfrid and Eva, figures of the third generation, sold their strawberries at local markets, bringing welcomed freshness to the Saint-Hyacinthe community.

From the 1960s to the 1980s, Fernand, Wilfrid’s son, and Monique not only expanded their crops but also opened a farm stand, offering direct access to their products while collaborating with merchants to distribute their delicious harvests throughout the region.

Since 1989, Jocelyn and Guylaine have proudly taken over, making strawberry production their main activity. Their commitment to sustainable agriculture is undeniable, reflecting a long-term vision that combines tradition and environmental respect. At Ferme Gadbois, every plot of land is treated with care, every agronomic practice is carefully thought out, every fertilization is measured, and every drop of water is precious.

Each succulent fruit and each crunchy vegetable tells a deeply rooted story in the soil and in the heart of this devoted family, where a passion for agriculture is cultivated with love.

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