Vertical Growing and Plant Chambers

The GrowRack

The Growrack™ is a proprietary, self-contained stainless steel rack system which can contain any number of vertical production and propagation levels. The number of levels is determined by the height requirements of the crop being produced. Each level of the 6’ to 7.5’ tall modular Growrack™ rack system contains an appropriate number of crop-specific LED fixtures. By combining these custom wavelength combinations, the LED lights in the Growrack™ can virtually alter the photosynthesis and/or photomorphogenesis response allowing controllable, predictable and more robust growth, resulting in higher yields in a shorter period of time than conventional production methods.

Stand-alone, fully self-contained Growrack™ rack systems can be installed and operated by commercial greenhouse facilities, vertical farms, schools and many other educational entities. Restaurants can also use Growracks™ to provide chefs with adequate quantities of fresh gourmet herbs, unique spices and heirloom vegetables for use in food preparation. Our Growrack™ rack system is perfect for schools: not only can students learn about sustainability, they can also enjoy the fresh healthy greens that they’ve grown. These racks can also be used in many other food service situations, such as the military, oil rigs, hospitals, etc. Click for more info!



Green Pods are the future of controlled environment agriculture.  The Pods are completely self-contained, meaning that even conventional warehouse construction or “grey space” can provide the support and environmental conditions necessary for operation.  They are intended for horticulture and agriculture research, also great for small scale production.

Modules are constructed from a welded aluminum frame providing tremendous structural integrity and a long service life. Each unit is multi-tiered, easily transportable and customizable to meet specific needs.

Green Pods utilize HVAC systems to provide a completely controlled environment plant growth chamber with environmental parameters – designed to your specifications – within a uniform performance range

Dimensions:  7’Wx12’Lx8’H (or available completely customized)
Production Area:  4-6 Tiers depending on the design (2’x6′)
Temperature Range:  65F – 90F +/-5F
Light Intensity  1-600 umols/m2/s

*Light Intensity and Light Quality: See Manufacturer’s Specs. (or email for information on LEDs and other supplemental grow light recommendations.

Lighting Period: Customizable (0-24 hrs.)
Humidity: 30%-60%
Electrical Requirment: Single 50 Amp Outlet
Delivery Time 3-4 weeks from order.

Other features which may be added to the base unit of the plant growth chambers include:

Plant/Tray Racks
Hydroponic Growing Systems
Recirculating Irrigation Systems
Fertigation and Acid Injection Systems
Environmental Computers for Monitoring Managing and Collecting of Data

And watch a 60 Minutes interview with Dr. Dickson Despommeir in a G-Con GreenPod.