Current, powered by GE Showcases Horticulture Leadership at GreenTech with Industry’s First One-For-One 1000W HPS Retrofit for Greenhouse Growers

  • Current’s A Race to the Top – Geographical Trends in Vertical Farming session brings industry leaders and experts together to address dynamic market developments
  • The new greenhouse grow light is the most energy efficient on the market
  • Universal installation options allow the light to be installed in dozens of different ways, drastically reducing installation time

Press Release – AMSTERDAM–Yesterday at GreenTech, Current, powered by GE announced the release of the Arize Element* Top Light, the industry’s first one-for-one LED replacement for 1000W High Pressure Sodium (HPS) products. The Arize Element is the most advanced grow light on the market, allowing growers to get the most out of their greenhouse, for less.

Current, powered by GE delivers industry’s first one-for-one 1000W HPS retrofit for greenhouse growers to address market need for increased efficiency @GreenTechRAI

A 2018 report by Strategies Unlimited anticipates that the global greenhouse market will reach $7.94 billion USD by 2022. As worldwide need for healthy, fresh food continues to grow, greenhouse growers require efficient, effective lighting to enable year-round growing.

“With Current’s lighting tech expertise combined with feedback from leading plant scientists, systems integrators and growers, we’ve successfully created a system that will give new meaning to the growth that the farms of the future can achieve,” said Malcolm Yare, Horticulture Business Development Manager at Current, powered by GE. “The Arize Element Top Light is the first true one-for-one replacement available for the horticulture market, meeting a critical industry need. This product delivers cutting-edge innovation to the rapidly evolving horticulture lighting industry that’s set to reach more than $7 billion by 2022.”

The Arize Element features multiple light spectrums to maximise growth for specific crops, allowing growers to tailor the light to the specific needs of each crop. Universal installation options allow the light to be installed in dozens of different ways on existing structures, dramatically reducing installation time. The light also features a unique design that minimises shadowing, allowing for maximum natural light penetration.

In addition to greenhouse solutions, “A Race to the Top – Geographical Trends in Vertical Farming” will showcase the future of the vertical farming and its role in the horticulture industry. The 12 June panel will take place in the Trends and Innovations Theatre from 4-5 p.m. Panellists include Malcolm Yare, Current; Chris Higgins, Hort Americas; Paul Challinor, May Barn Horticulture Consultancy; and Christine Zimmermann-Loessl, Association for Vertical Farming.

Current’s expanding Arize product family is already being leveraged by urban farms across continents, from the Arize Lynk and Element installations in Big Tex Urban Farms to the 12.3km Arize Lynk* luminaries embedded in the world largest high-care indoor vertical farm, Jones Food Company Ltd. in North Lincolnshire, U.K.

Additional Arize Element series highlights:

  • With a model offering an efficacy of 3.5 micromoles per joule (μmol/J), surpassing the previously leading 3.2 µmol/J, to one with over 1800 photosynthetic photon flux (PPF), it the most complete and advanced greenhouse grow light family currently available.
  • Extended lifetime compared to HPS: 36,000 hours from the Arize Element, and 8,000 hours from HPS.
  • High light output with less heat than an HPS or MH system, providing the ideal light spectrum for optimal growth while saving on cooling costs.

To learn more about Current, the new Arize Element, and Current’s leadership in the horticulture industry, visit GreenTech booth number 08.612 or here.

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