Apogee Spectroradiometers


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Item Number: 20524 | PS-100

Item Number: 20525 | PS-200

Item Number: 20526 | PS-300


Three Wavelength Options

350 to 1000 nm, 300 to 850 nm, or 300 to 1000 nm.

Complete Package

Includes spectroradiometer, two meter fiber-optic cable, cosine-corrected detector, AL-200 leveling plate, USB cable, USB drive with required drivers and software (compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems), and shoulder bag (functions as a carrying case and field measurement pack). A reflectance probe and reflectance standard are available as accessories.

Portable Lab and Field Measurements

Features a small design with a rugged housing and no moving parts. Spectroradiometer is powered through the USB port on a computer allowing mobile measurements.

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PS-100, PS-200, PS-300, SS-110, SS-120