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Prescription Treatment® brand Green-Shield® Disinfectant & Algicide — a biodegradable liquid concentrate for horticultural use that controls fungal, bacterial and viral plant pathogens and algae. It’s the first step to a successful disease management program.

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Green-Shield Provides:Green-Shield Provides:

  • An efficient first step in the control of fungal and bacterial diseases
  • Control of algae on walkways, greenhouse coverings and evaporative cooling pads
  • Broad-spectrum control of diseases and algae on floors, benches and walls
  • Control of dormant fungal and bacterial structures that fungicides do not kill

Mode of action

Destroys cell membranes Unlike bleach, Green-Shield is EPA-registered for broad-spectrum control of pathogens and algae in and around greenhouses and causes no damage to clothing from splashes. Green- Shield lasts four times longer in solution than bleach and provides residual control as long as treated surfaces stay wet, without bleach’s odor, irritation and volatility. Treats controlled environment agriculture structures, greenhouses,nurseries, landscapes and interior scapes on work areas, benches, tools, containers, walkways, floors and evaporative cooling pads.


Evaporative coolers 1 tsp/15 gal biweekly; work areas, walkways, and pots 1 TBSP/gal; tools 1 tsp/qt

Application Tips

  • Surface disinfection and algae control: One tablespoon per gallon
  • Algae control in evaporative cooling pools: One teaspoon per 15 gallons of water every other week
  • Eye, skin and throat irritant in its concentrated form only; goggles and rubber gloves are required when handling the concentrate
  • USDA-approved disinfectant for Ralstonia solanacearum race 3 biovar 2

Why Green-Shield vs. Bleach?

  • Kills some pathogens that bleach does not
  • Lasts longer than bleach in solution
  • Registered for use with the EPA
  • Less irritating to use
  • One gallon of Green-Shield is equivalent to 28 gallons of bleach and is biodegradable
  • Causes no damage to clothing from splashes
  • Provides residual control as long as the surface stays wet

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