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Micro total-release broad-spectrum insecticide/ miticide.

Attain TR Micro Total Release Insecticide delivers approximately 1.5 billion 10-20 micron sized particles, using an ULV system, without water or inert materials that lead to disease or issues with phytotoxicity found with other methods of application. Attain TR Micro Total Release Insecticide is fast, simple to apply, covers thoroughly; and provides great plant safety, low exposure for workers, and short re-entry times. Using a fogger allows the product to evenly cover the top and bottom of leaves with bifenthrin, the active ingredient. One 2 oz. can covers up to 3,000 sqft.

Attain TR Micro Total Release Insecticide reduces costs because you do not need pricey fogging equipment and there is no chemical mixing or clean up afterwards. This product is labeled for use in greenhouses on cut flowers, bedding plants, foliage, ornamentals, potted flowering plants, and hanging flowering baskets.


Mode of action: Affects nervous system of insects; contact & residual; fast knockdown

Insects: Aphids, caterpillars, fungus gnats, mealybugs, leafrollers, scale, thrips, mites, whiteflies

Crops: Bedding plants, cut flowers, foliage, ornamentals

Rate: 2 oz can per 3,000 sq ft; 6 oz can per 9,000 sq ft


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