Berg Easykit Pipe Rail Trolley

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The simply designed Berg Easykit pipe rail trolley is an innovative model at an exceptional price. The platform is manually adjustable, easily maintained, lightweight, spacious, strong and safe place to work. The Berg Easykit pipe rail trolley is easy to maneuver on rails or concrete paths.

An optional tilt sensor will alert you when the pipe rail system or path is not level. The reliable control box lets you drive forward or backwards. The chain drive system and electric motor give the trolley a speed of 40 meters/min (131 feet/min). The control switches and foot pedal make this an easy to control pipe rail trolley. Wheels are adjustable from 42.5 to 80 cm (16.7 to 31.5 inches). The Berg Easykit trolley is also collapsable for easy storage and economical freight costs. Assembly time is usually about 1 hour.

Technical Data                  


Trolley length
174 cm  |  68.5 in

Trolley Width
ctc +10 cm  |  3.9 in

Platform length
110 cm  |  43.3 in

Platform width
45 cm  |  17.7 in

Minimum height
20/40 cm  |  0.7/1.3 ft

Maximum height
280 cm  |  9.2 ft

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15 cm  |  5.9 in

130 kg  |  286.6 lb

Maximum work load
100 kg  |  220.5 lb

Maximum speed
40 m/min  |  131 ft/min

24V/50 Ah



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