Berg Meto Transportation Cart

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The Berg Meto Transportation Cart is used for automatic path to path transportation of the Berg Meto Spray Robot.

The Meto Spray Robot’s operation panel is identical to the one on the Meto spray trolley. The panel is compact, has an organized lay-out and is provided with touch controls. Various requirements can be entered via a dialogue-programming feature. It offers, for example, a path skip option.

The Meto Transportation Cart navigates the walkway, shifting the Meto spray unit from path to path. The Meto Transportation Cart is guided by a slide way constructed in the walkway. A hose reel unit is installed onto the cart, which can be connected to a high-pressure supply line or spray tank unit. The cart’s motion serves an automatic hose reel or unreel action.

The cart can be equipped with a malfunctioning detector attachable to a greenhouse alarm or personal beeper, informing of operation circumstances if employees are absent from the greenhouse.

Technical Specifications                                          

Length: 180 cm

Width: 140 cm

Height (incl. reel): 225 cm

1/2” Hose Reel: 100 m

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