Qlipr Crop Clamping System


Clips and plant hooks are ordered separately.

1.8m Hooks – Item Number: 40322

1.6m Hooks – Item Number: 40318

1.2m Hooks – Item Number: 40321

Clip & Sponge – Item Number: 40320

Sponge – Item Number: 40334


This easy-to-use clamping system is used for cucumbers and tomatoes. Qlipr consists of a crop hook (1.2m or 1.8m) with two foam-lined clamps.

Clips and plant hooks are ordered separately. We recommend ordering 2 clips for every plant-hook.

The Qlipr system consists of a metallic plant-hook with a length of one meter (3.28 feet) and two clips, which are provided with soft-padded inserts. For the lower greenhouses the measuring of the plant hook can be adjusted to 80 cm (31.5 inches). The clips are manufactured out of stainless steal. The plant-hook hangs on the stretched wire at the top of the greenhouse.

At the beginning of the growth the planthook is provided with a (jute/sisal) cord. When the young plant is approx. 50 cm (20 inches) high, the plant is to be fastened to the cord with the first clip. After the plant has grown another 50 cm (20 inches) attach the second clip. Because the plant is fastened with two clips now, the lowest clip can be removed.

Each time the plant has  grown about 50 cm (20 inches), the top of the plant is fastened to the cord with the lowest clip. As the plant reaches the top of the greenhouse, the clips are fastened to the plant-hook. The cord can then be removed.

Now release the lowest clip, the upper clip will glide down along the plant-hook. The top of the plant will again be fastened to the wire with the remaining clip. The plant-hook will be put aside during the lowering.


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Sponge only, Qlipr Assembly, Qlipr cropclip (clip and sponge), Qlipr Foam Insert, Qlipr Plant Hook 1.2m, Qlipr Plant Hook 1.6m, Qlipr Plant Hook 1.8m, Qlipr Steel Crop Clip


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