Bato Uni Trough

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The Bato Uni Trough is suitable for various substrates. It can be installed on the ground in a stable position because of its three ridged legs. The Uni Trough has various possibilities for the drainage of water: two round drainholes at the bottom of the trough or two square drainoutlets at the sides of the trough with bars. Specific, tailor-made drainholes are also possible. There are two systems for the collection of drainwater. A round drain pipe Ø 50 mm or the Bato U-gutter (45x50x45 mm). The round drain pipe will be delivered in lengths of 5.5 metres. The u-gutter can be delivered in almost every length. The Uni Trough can be steam-cleaned under certain conditions and used for many years.

Cultivation: Tomato, bell pepper, cucumber
17 L
175 per pallet
74.9 x 22.6 cm top
71.7 x 19.2 cm bottom
17.5 cm height


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