Bato Vario Trough


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The Bato Vario Trough has several unique qualities. The amount of drain holes can be chosen with a maximum of 3 drain holes per side.  All drain holes have bars that prevent the substrate from flowing out of the trough. The flat bottom makes it easy to replace the trough without damaging the plastic groundcover.The Vario Trough has strong edges which makes it possible to use this trough in combination with several steel growing supports as well as in combination with the steel gutter system.
The trough can be steam-cleaned under certain conditions and used for many years. Due to the smooth inside, no substrate will remain after cleaning. The Vario Trough is also available in a growing system. The combination of an ergonomic steel wire system with the Vario Trough combines efficiency with quality.
Cultivation: Cucumber
11 L
442 per pallet
38 x 26.5 cm top
30.7 x 20.7 cm bottom
16.4 cm height


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