Lensli Organic Substrate for Vegetables


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45 Liter Bag – OMRI

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Designed primarily for leafy greens and microgreens cultivation. The Lensli Organic Substrate is comprised exclusively of circular raw materials. Thanks to its unique composition, Lensli Organic Substrate creates the perfect conditions for vigorous, resilient plants. It reduces the risk of crazy roots and ensures an excellent nutrient uptake thanks to stable pH values throughout the cropping cycle, making it ideal for all variety of vegetable cultivation. The raw materials used in Lensli Organic Substrate include Baltic peat, Wood fibre and superfine Black peat. This combination boosts the resilience of the plants and the natural source of silicon increases the uptake of calcium and boron.

Benefits and Properties

  • Organic substrate, which promotes better plant resistance.
  • Initial pH and EC values can be adjusted to suit specific situations.
  • All raw materials are RHP certified, so safe to use.
  • 100% organic material, for easy disposal and recycling.
  • Contains 75% renewable raw materials, originating from residual flows from other industries.
  • Supplied in growbags or for use in substrate containers.
  • 50% Baltic peat fine
  • 35% Black peat superfine
  • 15% Hortifiber (Woodfiber)
  • Target value pH: 5.80
  • Target value EC: 0.20
  • OMRI Listed

Do you use stone wool plugs or blocks? No problem! Practical experience has shown that the roots in the stone wool block will continue to grow well into our substrate.

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