BioAnagyrus, Anagyrus pseudococci, Parasitic wasp for biological control of mealybugs


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Pack of 500 mummified wasps


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BioAnagyrus, by BioBee

A. pseudococci is a solitary endoparasitoid of the citrus mealybug and the grape mealybug.

The adult female wasp of Anagyrus preferably lays its eggs singly inside third instar larvae and young females of mealybugs. It may also parasitize larvae of younger stages. The parasitoid larva hatches and feeds on the internal organs of its host.

Anagyrus completes 5 larval stages of development followed by the pupal stage. The latter appears within a mummy which is the hardened skin of the dying mealybug. The adult then emerges from the host through an irregular exit hole gnawed at the posterior end of the mummy.

Under sufficient number of mealybugs, a single Anagyrus wasp can produce more than 30 offspring throughout its lifetime.


Table grapes, vineyards, citrus, blueberries, vegetables and ornamentals.

The Product

  • A bottle containing 500 ready-to- emerge mummies mixed in a medium of sawdust.
  • The package has a lid with a cap that by opening it exposes a 0.35 inch (9 mm) hole through which the freshly emerged adult wasps leave the bottle in search of mealybug hosts.
  • A piece of honey soaked paper is adhered to the inner side of the lid of each package, to feed the emerging wasps prior to leaving the bottle.
  • The bottle is equipped with an outer adhesive surface to prevent entry of harmful ants. The latter stimulate the mealybugs to secrete honeydew which interferes with the function of the parasitoids.
  • At least 50% of the mummies will yield adult females of Anagyrus.

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