Paperback Book: Roadmap to Growing Leafy Greens and Herbs


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by Tyler Baras (Author), 
Christopher Higgins (Editor), David Kuack (Editor), Karla Garcia (Editor)

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Experience is the best teacher. This book is based on my experiences in commercial hydroponic leafy greens production and I hope to transfer some of the practical knowledge I’ve gained. I graduated Cum Laude from the University of Florida Horticultural Sciences Department, but that didn’t come close to preparing me for the realities of commercial hydroponic farming. You can read ‘buy a backup generator,’ but that doesn’t come close to the experience of seeing a farm face massive crop losses due to multiple power outages.

I’ve had a very unique career path. It has covered a range of environments, growing systems, fertilizers, greenhouse structures, lighting and business models. Beyond the farms I’ve personally managed or helped establish, I’ve worked as a consultant for commercial hydroponic leafy greens farms across the United States.

This book covers a lot of the traditional recommendations seen in hydroponic textbooks, but I’ve also included my personal experiences that have widened my perspective on the ways to grow hydroponic leafy greens.

This book does not focus on the flashy stats. Instead it focuses on the challenges. I’ve seen investors get sold on the flashy stats without a full understanding of the challenges of creating and managing a profitable leafy greens farm. I’m tired of seeing small farms fail due to avoidable mistakes.

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(Click here for the eBook for Kindle)

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