Bato Rectangular Gutter

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The Bato rectangular gutter is the waterproof and ecological solution to collect drainwater in vegetable and flower cultivation.  For every installation with substrate slaps, substrate troughs or substrate buckets a proper gutter choice can be made out of the large range of dimensions, lengths and accessoires.The installation of slaps and troughs in the gutter, if necessary heightened on styrofoam strips or gutter bridges, is possible with this standard product. The gutters are delivered folded on a roll, at row lengths or a multiple of this, and can be easily installed in the right form in the row by using a manual unfolding machine. These gutters perform at best when placed on levelled ground.

Cultivation: tomato, strawberry, cucumber, bell pepper,
decorative, and pot plants
50 x 250 x 250 mm | 1.2 mm thick | 61 m long (200ft)


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