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Optifuse® is a removable greenhouse coating which diffuses incoming light while maintaining valuable grow-light levels. Optifuse is very wear resistant and specially developed for application on the outside of glass greenhouse surfaces and is removed with Topclear.

  • Very high light transmission
  • Very high diffusion rate
  • Very wear resistant
  • Removable with Topclear

Why Optifuse

Optifuse offers a very high level of diffusion and almost no light loss. The incoming light is scattered by the diffuse coating layer, reaching the leaves from all sides from top to bottom of the crop. This will improve the photosynthesis and transpiration of all plant leaves, resulting in a better humidity, temperature and CO2 level inside the greenhouse. It is proven by research that diffuse light has a positive effect on production, quality and growth of your crop. Optifuse is advised in the areas with a moderate temperature. For warmer areas we advise to use Optifuse IR.


Optifuse needs to be diluted with water before spraying it onto the greenhouse. Depending on the type of greenhouse and climate, more or less water and buckets should be used to achieve the best result. Optifuse needs to be applied by machine to get an even layer for optimum diffusion. Optifuse can only be used on glasshouses where a brushing machine is available for cleaning. See How to use for more detailed information about applications and dosage.


Optifuse is removable with Topclear at every desired moment. Apply Topclear in the advised amount and dilution maximum 3 days before considerable rainfall. Read the complete instructions on how to use Topclear. A brushing machine should be available in case the cleaning result is not satisfactory.


Bucket size: 15 kg – 33 lbs.

56 buckets/pallet

The product can be stored, above freezing, for up to two years.


PDF Brochure: Sudlac Optifuse Brochure

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 10 in

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