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UL Type C T8 LED Tubes
Tissue Culture Laboratories and Growth Chambers

LED replacement tubes for fluorescent lights that are found in tissue culture laboratories or growth chambers. This LED tube provides all the LED advantages of longer life, energy savings and lower maintenance when compared to typical fluorescent lights.

Features of ARIZE™ LED Tubes

  • Rotatable end cap to better position light
  • Low energy 4ft T8 LFL replacement
  • Shatter resistant, prevents breakage and downtime
  • Easy disposal, non-hazardous waste
  • Light intensity for Tissue culture growth
  • L90/36,000 hours per TM-21
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • IP65 rated, UL wet rated


PDF: Arize T8 LED Tube Spec Sheet

Additional information

Lynk Varieties

4 ft. – GEHL48HPKB1, 4 ft. – GEHL48HPKR1, 4 ft. – GEHL48HPPB1, 4 ft. – GEHL48HPPR1, 4 ft. – GEHL48HPPV1, 4 ft. – GEHL48HWHR1, 4 ft. – GEHL48HWTB1, 8 ft. – GEHL96HPPB1, 8 ft. – GEHL96HPPV1, 8ft. GEHL96HPPR1

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