L1000 LED Grow Light


GE Arize® Element – Horticulture LED Toplight Fixture

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The first true 1:1 1000W HPS replacement, with groundbreaking energy efficiency

“The Arize Element L1000 is the most advanced, flexible greenhouse grow light on the market. Current worked closely with its customers to design a top light with efficacy levels up to 3.5 micromoles per joule – making it the most efficient grow light on the market – that supports universal installation, enabling growers to grow more and consume less in any region.”  >> Read the full press release: The Arize Arrives


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Powerful all-new optical design

Arize® Element features our exclusive, all-new optical design that delivers uniformity levels identical to leading HPS systems, making the Element the first true 1:1 HPS replacement.

Industry-leading efficacy

Produces the same light output as a 1000W HPS fixture using only 40% of the energy, with multiple spectral offerings. Keep more money in your pocket without sacrificing power.

Flexible installation options

The modular design of the Arize Element allows for virtually limitless installation methods, including multiple bracket options, crop wire installation and universal loop cables. Spend less time installing and more time growing with the Element.


  • Efficacy of up to 3.5 μmol/J
  • Dimmable (dimming switch sold separately)
  • Operating temperature of up to +50°C
  • Lifetime: L90 > 36,000 hours
  • Remote mount driver options
  • UL Wet Rated & IP66
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • Greenhouses
  • Indoor farms

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Total GE Reliability

To ensure every Arize® Element installation will operate brilliantly for years, we perform the most extensive, stringent testing in the industry. We test the LED, water and dust ingress protection, sub-system and complete system at our in-house and independent laboratories around the world.

Validation of our designs, components, products and processes include high temperature, high-humidity and accelerated life testing.


Product Spec Sheet & Warranty Info


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Additional information

Growth Type

Balanced, Reproductive




120-277, 277-480


Arize Top Light Installation Guide

Alternate Driver Mounting Installation Guide

Base Kit Dimming Installation Guide

Alternate UL Light Module Installation Guide

Base Kit No Dimming Installation Guide

Choosing a Spectrum

Fixtures and spectrum recommended for common horticulture crops

Leafy greensGermination/ PropagationPPB or PKB as Blue promotes root creation. If you want to maximize your electrical efficacy (µmol/j), your choice is PPB. PKB will be more comfortable to the workers’ eyes.
Leafy greensReproductivePPR or PKR as red promotes biomass and flowering. If you want to maximize your electrical efficacy (µmol/j), your choice is PPB. PKB will be more comfortable to the workers’ eyes.
CannabisPropagationPPB or PKB because more Blue tends to keep the crop in a vegetative state and shorter in size. 
CannabisFloweringPKR because cannabis secondary metabolite seems to be stimulated by the green portion of light while the low blue to red ratio seems to promote flowering in biomass development.
Ornamentals/ FlowersPPB or PKB will work well and allow growers to reduce plant growth regulators.
MicrogreensAny spectrum will work, but high blue will keep the seedlings from stretching.  
Strawberry PKR is very safe for all berry crops.  Intensity will be most important.
Vine crops/ Supplemental lightingPPR for supplemental lighting in the greenhouse. Academic studies (University of Arizona & Michigan) tend to agree that the best spectrum for greenhouse lighting is the most efficient one in efficacy thus higher micromols/joule should be considered. Tomatoes: PPR – Bell Peppers: PKB (Harrow research center) – Cucumber should be PKR.  If in doubt choose PKR.  It will work in every situation.


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